Vineyard Management

oregon_wine_countryWe at Willamette Vitis Vinifera Service believe that high quality Oregon Wine Grapes can be efficiently obtained through our organic farming methods.  It is well known that organic viticulture practices through out the Willamette Valley’s vineyards is a growing trend, and we proudly lead the way. Vine row cultivation rather than harsh herbicides, annual organic compost and OMRI certified mineral deposits from Excelerite “” re-mineralization of your soils both promoting micro-organism growth both lending to higher yields and healthier vines. Our saying is “our vineyards floors may not look clean enough to eat off of, but it wont poison you if you do”  Our comprehensive annual spray programs are supported by the industry standard as well as our proprietary blends of compost tea’s. Oregon Vineyard Management is evolutionary as our weather patterns are not typically the same as the year prior. We encourage you to read more about Organic Viticulture in Oregon’s Willamette Valley to best understand the pro’s and con’s.